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SDP Downloader allows you to record any content streamed via the MMS protocol
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SDP Downloader allows you to record any content streamed via the MMS protocol. MMS stands for Microsoft Media Server, which is the name of Microsoft's proprietary network streaming protocol used to transfer unicast data in Windows Media Services. Microsoft stopped using this protocol in its streaming servers and players on February 2008, but there are lots of servers that still use it.

SDP Downloader will not play the received streaming media itself, it will use the player associated with the .asf and .wmv extensions (usually Windows Media Player). But it will save the streamed content into an .ASF or .WMV file on your hard disk, which you can then keep, convert, publish or send to anyone by email. The program can be used to record live streams, or you can schedule a recording for a given date and time. The program will let you enter any valid URL to download streaming content from. It will save that URL for future use, and will start recording immediately after you press the "Go" button.

SDP Downloader WILL NOT be able to download content being streamed using any other protocol, e.g. YouTube videos or any content being streamed using the newer RSTP protocol, RealAudio, or RealMedia videos.

The current version does not support NTLM authentication.

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